Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learn the safe way to have Fun with Wakeboard Towers
If you like to catch a gust of air while wakeboarding, wakeboard towers can help you a lot. Wakeboard towers are designed to provide you extra height and time for remaining airborne and having fun with the various tricks. With more air caught up between you and the wakeboard, the suspension time or 'hangtime' increases, giving you more scope to perform in mid-air.
This is the reason why you find a wakeboard rope usually fastened with a ski pole or a tow hook at the lower part of the wakeboard boat tied to an 8 feet high wakeboard tower. This gives the rider of the wakeboard the advantage of being pulled from a higher tow point that changes the angle of towing and creates better chances of a 'loft' during the air jump.
If you have ever seen a rider performing without wakeboard towers, you will find them being pulled back down toward the water's surface immediately after being airborne. This mainly is due to the low tow point that creates a problem. However, if you venture to get your wakeboard rope attached to a high wakeboard tower, you can have much more fun in air before the tow point pulls you down.
Wakeboard towers are helpful structures formed by attaching unused boards to the tower in a wakeboard rack and solve the problem of cluttering in the boat. You can find wakeboard towers in various sleek and robust shapes and designs and generally in black and steel colors. Because of their contribution to the excitement of wakeboarding experience, wakeboard towers invariably come with all boats.
While considering buying a wakeboard tower, you must pay some attention to the material of which it is made. The make up of the wakeboard and its design will determine its durability, utility and coordination with your boat. Think twice before going for a wakeboard tower put to sale on the internet stores since a slight defect can endanger your life. Always view the complete picture details and specifications of wakeboard towers before investing so that you get your money's worth.
Although wakeboard towers were initially meant for sports professionals only, new age daredevils have picked up the craze of riding high behind their boats. In order to minimize the risks of using wakeboard towers the wrong way, many companies have come forward to build a customized tower according to your demands and install it the proper way. Custom made wakeboard towers may be a little expensive but they ensure better safety of both the rider and the boat than pre-made ones.
You can find many of these companies online offering to build wakeboard towers for you. Before placing a custom order for a tower, you can consult these companies to know what they have to offer. You will love to know that customized wakeboard towers can be attached with waterproof speakers that can help you listen to your favorite music even amid the gush of water and the noise of the boat.